seanjohngk: #tbt Back at UCF, things used to g…

seanjohngk: #tbt Back at UCF, things used to get settled the good ol’ way!

Boys are hanging out in the tower 4 dorms in 2007… Nathaniel 11pm: “I’m easily the fastest on the team”
Me 11:01pm: “Stop that noise, I’d ghost this man in a 100…” Jamal (instigating) 11:02pm: “Ya’ll won’t go the track and settle it right now!?” (Whole room starts screaming and music turns on)

Nat: “Bet!”
Me: “Bet!!!” We head to the track while I’m eating ramen and I have my support team behind me and he has his hype squad. No more was time to lace them up. Only record I set was for the tightest shorts in school history, may have pulled my hamstring at the finish…but please believe I won that race 😂

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