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darlington.nagbe: What an incredible two years it’s been Atlanta. I left Portland after being there for 7 years and starting my family there. When I moved here I wasn’t sure what to expect. Atlanta, you’ve shown us love and made us feel at home from the very beginning. You will always hold a special place in my heart. My second son was born here. I’ve seen my kids grow and develop their crazy, loving personalities here. Thank you Arthur, Darren, Carlos, and Paul for bringing me in to help this club accomplish what we did. MLS Cup Champions, Open Cup Champions, Campeones Cup Champions. Thank you to EVERY SINGLE staff member involved with Atlanta United in ANY way! Thank you to the fans for your love and support and creating an amazing atmosphere every game! Thank you to my coaches, medical staff, strength staff, and equipment staff for everything on and off the field!! Thank you to my teammates for the trophies and memories on the field, but most importantly your friendships. Wishing you all nothing but the best in life and on the field!! All love, D

bguzan: Let’s gooo!!!! We keep going!!! @atlutd

darlington.nagbe: 😘

darlington.nagbe: Time flies. 2008 in the dorm room to playing against my brother in a playoff game 😁❤️ All love

darlington.nagbe: Pregame blessings from the man himself @pauldillon_ 🙌🏾

darlington.nagbe: We started in Portland. 6 years later, different cities, add 5 kids to the group, and the love remains the same. Thanks for coming to Atlanta and visiting us! 😊❤️😊

bguzan: I’ve always had a love for soccer. Dreams at any age are definitely possible. Thanks @amfam for highlighting my dream story! #DreamFearlessly #AmFamPartner #UniteandConquer